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(noun) : an enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services

(adjective) : marked by a willingness and ability to work with others


Buzz Cooperative began primarily as a place where PR and brand representatives could connect with influential bloggers who were interested in working together on promotional campaigns. Today, Buzz Cooperative still maintains two different member lists where each group is able to "pitch" the other group to see if there is an opportunity to work together.


Yet Buzz Cooperative has become much more.

We value cooperation when it comes to working with your organization's existing marketing and PR team, and we can help design campaigns and strategies that utilize an brand's existing fans as well as our own network of influencers to get the word out.


Give Buzz. Get Buzz.

If you are a business, PR firm, or brand click on the SERVICES tab to see how we can work together.